Nada Yoga- Primordial Sound Meditation

Delve into the transformative power of sound vibrations and their influence on our consciousness with our 4-hour workshop on Nada Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation, facilitated by the esteemed Dr. Rajesh Raj and Meenal Nigam.


4 hours

7:30-9:30PM IST

Starting January 6, 2024

Till January 7, 2024


14000 INR(for Indian residents) / 185 USD (for residents outside India)

This immersive experience is a profound exploration into the realms of sound, vibration, and the ancient art of meditation. Primordial Sound Meditation is a timeless practice rooted in ancient Vedic traditions in which a unique primordial sound, a personalized mantra serves as a powerful focal point for meditation.

This workshop will provide practical guidance on the meditation process and its profound impact on stress reduction and overall well-being.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the philosophy and principles of Nada Yoga.
  • Practical techniques for integrating sound into daily yoga and meditation practices.
  • Personalized Primordial Sound Meditation mantra and guidance on its application.
  • Tools for stress reduction, enhanced focus, and overall well-being.


Course Topics

Day 1, Session 1

By Dr. Rajesh Raj

Chapter 1: Shravana Kala (1 Hour)

  • Shravana Shakti
  • Udageet+Brahamri Mantra
  • Yantra Mandala

Day 1, Session 2

By Meenal Nigam

Chapter 2: Antarmauna (1 Hour)

  • Endriya Samvedna
  • Manonigraha
  • Sahit Sagarbha Pranayama

Day 2, Session 1

By Meenal Nigam

Chapter 3: MSRT (1 Hour)

  • Sound Waves Sargama
  • Chakra Sangeet Mantra
  • Matrika Sadhana

Day 2, Session 2

By Dr. Rajesh Raj

Chapter 4: Bindu Mudra (1 Hour)

  • Bhoochari
  • Agochari
  • Unmani

About the Teachers


Dr Rajesh Raj

Dr. Rajesh Raj is an academician in Human Consciousness from last two decades. His main expertise in Indian Mythology, Philosophy, Tantra, Yoga and Holistic Healing. In his professional career he has conducted more than 500+ national and International seminars, workshops and conferences around the globe related to Indian Pragmatic Mythological Heritage and Yogic Sciences. He is the Founder & Director of Ritanveshi Yogayan Foundation.


Meenal Nigam

Meenal has been teaching yoga since 2004. Learning under various Gurus and Teachers the science of Hatha yoga, Raj Yoga, Ancient breathing techniques, relaxation practices and meditation she learnt how to be a better student and disciple and that training has gone a long way to make her a sincere Disciple and passionate teacher. She is a certified Ritanveshi Certified Nada Yoga Instructor. 


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