Advaita Vedanta – A journey to fulfilment




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Advaita Vedanta is probably the best known schools of philosophy from India that is now known around the world. This Non-dualist school is considered the pearl of Eastern wisdom and it has influenced virtually all schools of Indian thought.

The supreme truth of Advaita is the nondual reality of the supreme consciousness, in which the individual soul, atman and the supreme consciousness, Brahman reside are One. It was Adi (meaning “first” in Sanskrit) Shankara who gave Advaita its name and actively tried to spread its ideas.

Join RV Giridhar, an Advaita Vedanta teacher and semiconductor technologist as he takes us into a mind expanding journey of Adavaita Vedanta.

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– Topic: Advaita Vedanta – A journey to fulfilment
– Date: 2nd July, Friday
– Time: 6:30 PM IST

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