Modern lifestyle, although fast-paced and efficient brings with it a host of lifestyle diseases that are both physical and psychological.

As a part of our Jnana webinar series, we are excited to host Jayacharan Thampi, a wellness consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field of Natural health, lifestyle management and well being to share his insights on how the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda can help us address today’s lifestyle diseases.

Jayachandran is a graduate in Natural Therapeutics and Yoga from Mangalore University, Karnataka, and has vast expertise and experience gained through associations with some of the best institutions in the respective fields like Hyatt International (Hospitality); Jindal Institute (Natural Therapies and Yoga); Vivekananda Yoga University (Yoga Therapy).

If you’re interested to be a part of this session, register by clicking on the link given in bio. You can attend the session via Zoom, from the comfort & safety of your homes.

– Topic: Managing modern lifestyle diseases through ancient integrative practices
– Date: 10th June,
– Time: 5:30 PM IST

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