Guduchi – The nectar of longevity

by Vishakha Gujar   

Tinospora Cordifolia is a herb native to South Asia and is also called Guduchi. In Sanskrit, it is called Amrita which literally translates to the nectar of immortality. This definition accurately refers to the herb’s potent qualities of rejuvenation and longevity. 

Traditional practitioners have been regarding Guduchi as one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda for centuries. It is now resurfacing and gaining popularity as an immunity booster and natural detoxifier, thanks to rising awareness about alternative medicines and therapies. 


Guduchi also called Giloy shows a wide range of health benefits, it is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, and most notable is that it strengthens the immune system, making it an all-natural immunity booster. 

With that, traditionally Guduchi is known as a powerful rejuvenator, Aphrodisiac, and a potent Dosha stabilizer. 

Guduchi and Doshas 

Guduchi is an astringent, bitter herb with a sweet aftertaste and hot potency. It balances all three doshas but shows powerful actions on Vata and Pitta. Experts are now using this easy to digest herb to cure and treat various Vata related problems such as arthritis, constipation, UTI’s, etc. 

And works wonders in alleviating Pitta and body heat, in spite of being hot in potency, just because of its sweet aftertaste.

If you’re not about what doshas are, you can check out our article, Doshas – the three fundamental bio-energies of life. If you’d like to know what are your dominant doshas, take our Dosha quiz!

Guduchi for gut health and digestion

Guduchi with its hot potency is a prominent Agnideepaka, which means it has properties of improving and maintaining the biological fire, our very own Agni. And an optimum digestive fire is responsible for the health and well maintenance of the body. 

Read more about Agni, its functions, and tips to balance the digestive fire here. 

Along with it, Guduchi when consumed optimizes the absorptive nature of the stomach and intestine and checks hyperacidity, colitis, worm infestations, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, excessive thirst, and vomiting. 

Guduchi for detoxification 

Giloy is a natural detoxifying agent. It is a powerful blood and liver cleanser. It targets the organ, cleanses, heals, and strengthens it from the roots. Experts are using Guduchi in practice to treat various liver ailments like Jaundice, anaemia, Fatty liver, etc for different ages. Guduchi can even promote and stimulate the regeneration of liver tissue that has been damaged. 

Guduchi in its own way helps in removing Aama- the stagnant, undigested toxins, from the body due to its Aama-hara properties.

What is Aama? How it builds up and what to do? Read everything about Aama by clicking here! 

Guduchi for mental health 

Guduchi is a terrific adaptogen, meaning it helps the body manage stress, both physically and mentally. 

This herb with its remarkable Vata maintaining properties show significantly positive results in mental and neurological disorders like anxiety, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, atrophy of the brain tissues, parkinsonism, etc 

Guduchi for fever, cough, cold, and other respiratory disorders!

Practitioners are using Guduchi as a primary drug of choice in Jwara, meaning fever, due to its prominent antipyretic effects. More than ninety per cent of medicines prescribed for fever has Guduchi as the main ingredient. This drug helps in battling general weakness caused due to long term fever. 

The herb also shows notable actions on the respiratory system, it smooths and strengthens the mucus membrane and supports respiratory mechanisms. Ayurvedically, Guduchi works wonders in balancing Kapha and Vata dosha, ultimately keeping the respiratory issues in check! 

Guduchi as a rejuvenator 

Guduchi has rejuvenating properties and therefore referred to as Rasayana. The plant, with its antioxidant and adaptogenic properties delays cell degeneration, maintains and nourishes the seven dhatus ( the seven tissues of the body ), ultimately acting as an excellent rejuvenator and immunity enhancer. 

Guduchi for Diabetes. 

Guduchi works as a blood purifier and checks blood sugar levels. Managing diabetes is one of it’s strengths. It also works in maintaining the insulin levels, thus in-all making itself a well-suited medicine of choice for managing diabetes. 

Along with the above-said functions, Giloy also acts as a potent Cardiac tonic, to support and promote heart health. It is useful to enhance vision and obtain healthy eyesight. Guduchi also works wonders on Gout, and rheumatic disorders, Arthritis, and inflammation, to gain weight, to improve skin complexion, and enhance the general health of the skin.

Majorly, the stem and leaves are used in practice but the entire plant is said to be exceptionally medically important. 

Giloy is truly the nectar of longevity, if not immortality. The benefits that it offers are extraordinary. The Rasayana (rejuvenating) properties suggest that it should be consumed every day to obtain maximum results but one must always consult an Ayurvedic Vaidya aka Doctor before consuming any herb/ plant/ medicine, in order to look through the condition of the body, mind, and doshas. 

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