Himalayan Pink Salt- Benefits and Why you should switch to it NOW!

by Vishakha Gujar   

Lavana, meaning salt has a broad description in Ayurvedic classics. Classified into five main categories, each of them has a very important role to play and various different functions to achieve. The five categories are Saindhava, Sauvarchala, Vida, Samudra, and Audbhida Lavana. Amongst them, Himalayan Pink Salt, also called as Saindhava Lavana is considered to be the best salt for consumption according to the ancient Ayurvedic classics. 

According to the ancient texts and modern research, Saindhava is derived from the great oceans that evaporated thousands of years ago leaving behind crystallized deposits of this therapeutic holy grain, it is formed from the intense tectonic pressure of the inlands, from the deposits of the previously existing oceans that could be thousands of years old.  

Such salt is considered to be free from any and all kinds of environmental toxins, chemical adulterants, other harmful components and it does not even require a separate refining procedure. 

Saindhava is literally the holy grain of Ayurveda. It is a major ingredient in most of the important medicinal preparations, Basti ( Ayurvedic Enema) being one of them. 

Saindhava contains all the elements found in the human body, It is a rich source of Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, and 84 major minerals. Best used for everyday consumption, Saindhava is literally your switch to a better and healthy life. 

Himalayan Pink Salt

Saindhava and the Doshas 

Being salty and slightly sweet in taste, Saindhava is the only salt that is cold in potency. It is light and unctuous. 

Contrary to the common properties of Salt knowing to increase Pitta, Saindhava on the other hand, being cold in potency perfectly balances the fiery dosha. 

It also balances Vata dosha because of its Salty taste and is considered to be a blessing for all the Kapha dominants. 

In-all, Saindhava balances all the bioenergies of the body, making it your best everyday choice for consumption. 

Saindhava for cold, cough, and sinuses.

One of the major properties of Saindhava is Kapha vilayan, meaning properties to dissolve accumulated Kapha Dosha, which is why it is used in practice to treat many major respiratory disorders, it disintegrates the stiff cumulated Kapha obstruction and facilitates sputum expulsion, thus clearing passages and providing immediate relief. 

Common cold and cough and other nasal and chest ailments can be easily treated with medicinal recipes that involve rock salt as the main ingredient.

Saindhava for Gut Health 

Saindhava is your one-step stop for Gut Health. It stimulates Agni, the biological fire responsible for the well-maintenance of our physical and mental well-being. 

It digests Aama, the undigested harmful toxins, and also works as a laxative in chronic conditions.

Saindhava balances the level of Hydrochloric acid and other gastric secretions, maintaining a healthy gut environment. 

Being cold in potency, it stimulates gastric and intestinal healing in conditions like gastric and peptic ulcers without causing any inflammation or irritation.

Saindhava for a Happy Heart

Himalayan pink salt can a healthier swap for a person with hypertension or hypotension. It is your health monitor that stabilizes blood pressure and keeps cholesterol in check. It helps to scrape out obstructions that align the vessels, in all supporting and promoting a healthy happy heart.  

Saindhava for Skin health 

When used externally as an exfoliator, it acts as a potent natural ingredient to remove dead cells, cleanse pores, and even rejuvenate skin. 

It maintains skin health by acting as a natural detoxifier and a blood cleanser. It flushes out toxins from the body and is used in treating many skin conditions and disorders. 

Himalayan Pink Salt


Apart from that, Saindhava also acts in managing conditions like Obesity and Diabetes. It supports hormone regulation and especially works wonders in balancing Thyroid. 

It acts as an aphrodisiac and is prescribed in cases of infertility, oligospermia, and for improving vigor. 

When taken along with lemon juice, Saindhava works to eliminate intestinal worms. It also helps eliminate heavy toxins from the blood and prevents free radicle formation, thus acting as a potent anti-oxidant. 

With its amazing Vata balancing properties, Saindhava is often an ingredient of choice in conditions like rheumatism, joint pain, bone health, and as a nervous stimulant. 

Saindhava also helps to keep your oral hygiene in check. It helps to get rid of bad breath and teeth plaque. It can also be used to reduce down toothache and inflammation by doing a quick saltwater rinse for immediate relief. 

Saindhava is also used as a Dhupan drug for fumigation, Apart from the benefits that it imparts on our body, The Himalayan Pink Salt is said to enhance the environment around us by affecting electromagnetic radiations and attracting positivity in all forms. 

Simply swapping your regular table salt to Himalayan pink salt is your first baby step towards a healthier life. Use it in moderation and use it wisely to experience the best of its benefits. 

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